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Making a start! March 23, 2010

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Well, it was a gorgeous day last sunday so we trudged down to the allotment to make some sort of dent in clearing & preparing the plot.

My chief gardening assistant & I packed a picnic  – never underestimate the requirement for tea and cake – and collected a good friend of ours to assist with the digging (I’d like to add here that the aforementioned tea & cake may have been used in a bribery deal… hey, whatever works!).

So the three of us, armed with forks and spade, attacked the grass and weeds with venom, the results of which can be seen below. We worked for around 5 hours (including tea breaks!), and I must say we didn’t do a bad job!

 The first large square needs a further go over, but should be ready for the seed potatoes, currently chitting on my windowsill at home, in a couple of weeks.
Hopefully one of the small rectangles should be ready for my newly acquired raspberry cane and blackcurrant bush next week as well, and we are hoping to make a start on the second large rectangle soon. This one is mainly weedy, less grassy, so shouldn’t prove to be too much of a problem.

I think the only way to go for the rest of the plot is an attack of weedkiller. I never planned to go organic, so if it’s going to make life easier I don’t see a problem! The only issue that may be brought about by this method is my new friend, Mr Slow Worm, who we found slithering about underneath part of the blue tarpaulin. I don’t want to hurt him (apart from anything else it’s illegal!) but hopefully he’ll have moved under the other tarpaulin and be safe for now. If nothing else, he’ll be needed to munch away at the abundance of snails there seems to be around.

I shall leave you now, with the progress photos:

Not a bad morning's work!

Sub-chief gardening assistant - happy in the mud!


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