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A work in progress… March 29, 2010

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Round 2 of Operation Tame the Wilderness began on saturday morning. The difference isn’t entirely obvious in the photos, but we made quite a dent! The large bed has now been forked, raked, and suplimented with pellets of chicken poop – that stuff really stinks!! But apparently it’s good for the soil, so we shall see!

I managed to completely dig over one of the smaller beds, which was subsequently forked, raked, and pooped by my CGA (bless him!) as by the time I’d done the digging part my arms were incapable of lifting more than a small cup of coffee and a gingernut. My back is still voicing its displeasure this afternoon!

We also attempted War With Weeds. A liberal dose of weedkiller has been applied to the grass around the plot edges, and also to the second of the larger beds on the plot. Fingers crossed it actually does what it’s supposed to do, although I’m expecting this war to be a series of long drawn out battles over many years. Another battle I expect to fight for a long time is with a seam of clay we have discovered along the top edge of the plot. Time to start research into plants which like clay soils – any tips?

So hopefully next weekend, of which there are 4 days – hooray for Easter! – I shall be planting the seed potatoes and making a start on digging over the second of the small & large beds. Then maybe we can think about getting some other seeds in the ground too!

Here are this weeks photo updates:

CGA gets raking

Making progress

Look what I did!!


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