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On a Lighter Note… April 6, 2010

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… look what I got on thursday!

Yup, my very own key! 😀
So now I can come and go to and from the plot as I please, meaning I can pop up for an hour or two after work whenever I feel the need! Brilliant now the lighter evenings are rolling in!


A work in progress… March 29, 2010

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Round 2 of Operation Tame the Wilderness began on saturday morning. The difference isn’t entirely obvious in the photos, but we made quite a dent! The large bed has now been forked, raked, and suplimented with pellets of chicken poop – that stuff really stinks!! But apparently it’s good for the soil, so we shall see!

I managed to completely dig over one of the smaller beds, which was subsequently forked, raked, and pooped by my CGA (bless him!) as by the time I’d done the digging part my arms were incapable of lifting more than a small cup of coffee and a gingernut. My back is still voicing its displeasure this afternoon!



Making a start! March 23, 2010

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Well, it was a gorgeous day last sunday so we trudged down to the allotment to make some sort of dent in clearing & preparing the plot.

My chief gardening assistant & I packed a picnic  – never underestimate the requirement for tea and cake – and collected a good friend of ours to assist with the digging (I’d like to add here that the aforementioned tea & cake may have been used in a bribery deal… hey, whatever works!).

So the three of us, armed with forks and spade, attacked the grass and weeds with venom, the results of which can be seen below. We worked for around 5 hours (including tea breaks!), and I must say we didn’t do a bad job! (more…)


The First Visit

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Just over 2 weeks ago I made my first visit to my new little plot of land.

There is one word that describes it best… wilderness.